Boudoir has garnered rave reviews from the National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and was recently emblazoned in full colour on the cover of Eye Magazine. Here's a sample of a few articles that Boudoir has been featured in.
Hip shops and hot spots

The Globe and Mail
Wednesday June 11, 2003

...Down on Queen Street, funky boutiques have been popping up like daisies. Speaking of a floral fix, innovative florists Poppies are just west of Dovercourt, announced by a neon pink sign. Double back to the neighbourhood's modern design mini museum Studio Birllantine for gifts and gadgets. If only for its dramatic windows, stop at Boudoir for a peek into the dressing table culture of the past, complete with vintage sexy gowns, lace-up boots and hat boxes galore.

Western frontier rounds up fashion
Toronto Star
Thursday December 19, 2002

...Keep walking further west and almost directly across from the doors of the Queen Street Mental Health Centre, you'll find a refined little hideaway for the girliest of girls. Boudoir is the newest addition to the strip, having opened quietly a few weeks ago.

Co-owners Patti Fox and Debbie Pearce were Burlington house wives with teenage kids, operating a small-scale vintage business at clothing sales and antique shows only a few months ago when they decided to bring it to Queen Street West.

"Everyone was always asking us 'Where is your store? It must be beautiful.' says Fox, 47, who will run the boutique while Pearce attends law school.

The store is a treasure trove of feminine delights, each corner delicately decorated with a mix of vintage furniture, shoes, hats, bags, clothing, art, lamps, jewelry, all with a 1950s French feel. A few new elements - lingerie, pretty soaps, and chocolates round out the mix.

"People used to have separate rooms where they would do their toilette," explains Fox. "They would invite guests to socialize. They had fireplaces and chaise lounges. it was glamourous retreat for women, and I think we should all have one."

She's eventually hoping to offer the space for rent during the evenings, providing a glam getaway for birthday parties or other events.

"We could bring in wine and hors d'oeuvres and try on clothes and talk," says Fox.

A large round bed and a white vinyl sectional sofa offer relaxation spots for tired shoppers. A library of books, old and new, provide inspiration, many of them looking back to the 40's and 50's, an era when girls were really girls.


Glamour's back, and, with it, the dressing table. So primp away
The Globe and Mail
March 1, 2003

...Although the sky can be the limit, any creative and enterprising hedonist can fashion a little nest of their own on a budget using this piece of furniture. Put a flouncy or tailored skirt on a super-simple Ikea table, add a mirror - clean Caban-simple or a more ornate antique-store find - of our favourite girlie things and you've got yourself a refuge.

Boudoir, a new shop on the westerly edge of Queen Street West in Toronto, understands the allure of this piece of furniture.

Its window last week featured an all-pink dressing table. Even for tomboy-leaning minimalists, it was inviting. In fact, it stopped you dead on the cold, grey street. It tempted with the simple idea of a quiet moment. And for that, the dressing table is a décor must for today's time-strapped modern woman.


Doris has her day, again
Toronto Star

...Patti Fox, above, at her Queen St. W. store Boudoir, which celebrates the vintage fashion and sensibility of Doris Day, left.

Cool Yule
Toronto Star

Tired of fighting for a parking spot at the mall? Go west, way west, to Queen St.'s hippest shopping stretch with writer Daphne Gordon on page K4.

Entrepreneur Patti Fox became an overnight success and Queen Street media darling with the opening of her new glamourous, girly, foofy, irresistible boutique, boudoir.

In just a few short months, Boudoir has garnered rave reviews from the National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and was recently emblazoned in full colour on the cover of Eye Magazine. Not bad, Patti must be doing something right girl! Which just goes to show that sometimes you need to take psychic readings seriously - according to Patti anyway. Prior to opening in January, she and her Boudoir partner Debbie Pearce had a reading from a psychic in New York, who said that opening Boudoir would be the smartest thing they ever did. Patti runs the store, while Debbie is currently attending law school.

Patti has an interior design background which is readily apparent when one walks through the portal at Boudoir and enters what seems to be the parlour and dressing room of a rich French movie star in the 1940's, or perhaps the mistress of a very well-to-do gentleman in mid-century Europe.

The atmosphere in Boudoir is rich, elegant and decadent, but a little cheeky too. A round bed in ivory faux fur a la Austin Powers is sprawled lazily in the middle of the boutique. A giant, illuminated Princess Phone sits atop it, glowing in sweet baby blue, Polka dots and feathers are everywhere, and a faint whiff of lavender lingers in the air.


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